Our Promise to You

At the heart of everything we do, is the promise we make to our clients and our partners. Our promise consists of three core elements: To always act with integrity, to empower our client’s participation in their care, and to use our expertise to help you make the right decision.




We are passionate about helping individuals in our community. It’s our job to know who’s who, and we pride ourselves on being a resource people can rely on to navigate aging, injury, or disease.

The Typical Approach to Care Management

Care management often follows a problem-solution approach. Using this method, the professional identifies the problem and then creates a solution. This approach is so commonplace that we rarely question its efficacy. However, there are two main shortcomings with the problem-solution approach. First, it is narrow-sighted and doesn’t consider other factors which may exacerbate or contribute to the problem; second, it doesn’t empower the patient to be an active participant in their care or recovery.

Our Collaborative Approach to Care Management

IKOR Midwest approaches care management as a collaborative partnership with each client. We take time to listen to our clients so we can understand their aspirations and dreams, their challenges and fears. We ask questions about their preferences and their values, making sure to honor both as we formulate care plans and courses of action.

Our collaborative approach leads to better outcomes for our clients because we have a complete understanding of their situation.

What it Means to be an Advocate

For us, advocacy is about giving a voice to those who might not want to speak up or those who are not being heard. It is about making sure those who are vulnerable are protected. Advocacy is about listening closely and discovering the subtleties in our clients’ lives to ensure that every day is the best day it can be no matter what challenges they are facing. Advocacy is about using our deep knowledge and expertise gained over a lifetime of experience to empower those around us. Advocacy is about being there for our clients through the highs and the lows.

No matter where life’s journey takes you, you can count on your advocate to be there for you.