Caregiver’s Concern About Parkinson’s Disease

My uncle suffers from Parkinson’s disease. I am one of his primary caregivers. Between his struggle with the disease along with the challenge that I have I caring for him, in addition to managing other life responsibilities, the stress on all fronts has reached a boiling point. We need some direction. Please help.


IKOR teamed up with our friends at the Altrusa House Green Bay to GIVE A WARM HUG to 400 healthcare workers this month. Thanks to the Notre Dame Academy ASTRA Club for assembling the treat bags. We greeted the workers on their way into work before their shifts and on their way home beginning at 5 am long before sunrise! We heard a lot of, “You made my day” remarks from the workers. Thanks to Channel 5 WFRV for the great coverage nice and early!

Creating a Caregiver Legacy

Caregivers share their compassion and deep caring each moment as they serve their clients. How often do they pause to consider this? How often do they appreciate the enormous gift of these moments, both the giving to their clients as well as the receiving from them? Ikor Life Care Management hosted a virtual event sponsored by the ADRC of Door County Caregiver Coalition on November 17, 2020.   It’s an annual event that most years includes …

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Worried About Winter

Dr. David Ferguson | Managing Director IKOR Midwest

The following column appeared in Green Bay’s local newspaper, The Press Times on Friday, November 27, 2020.  Ikor’s own column, Wise Living has  growing following. Dear Wise Living, I am concerned about my mom as we enter both the winter months along with the holiday season.  She is susceptible to bouts of depression and anxiety during normal times and I fear that this year’s pandemic will make matters worse. Worried about winter Dear Worried, Your …

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Are You a Baby Boomer Caregiver?

Holding Hands

While we are nearing the end of November, the job of baby boomer family caregiving really never ends. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted an interesting study of 109,268 baby boomers who are family caregivers. One of the key conclusions revealed that more than half of baby boomer caregivers provided care for longer than 2 years, and more than one-quarter provided care for 20 hours or more per week. Previous studies have …

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Life Doula Support Reduces Intensity and Anxiety for Families

Marggie Hatala IKOR Life Doula

As a Life Doula, I often walk with people throughout their aging and into their decline from many chronic diseases. I also am called to work with someone in crisis or much closer to their death. Whenever someone feels ready for support, affirmation, and a deeply compassionate and loving companion is the right time for my involvement.

Building strength can ward off falls, improve stability

Dear Wise Living, I recently took a stumble and fell. It was embarrassing, but fortunately, I didn’t get hurt. I’m still a little uncomfortable getting out and should be doing something at home to get stronger. What are some things I can do to bring back the strength that I’ve lost? Fallen Dear Fallen, As the cooler temperatures settle in and the leaves start to change colors in northeast Wisconsin, fall has arrived. You most …

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Going the extra mile for seniors…even to the vet

Welcome to our Ikor blog.   We want to provide you with a snapshot of our life’s work.   We support seniors, those challenged with chronic illness as well as their family members to include everything from transportation to medical appointments, assistance with managing medications, managing medical bills and even transporting the family dog to their veterinary appointments! We meet families when they are at crossroads, and have to make big decisions about care, about a place …

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A practical and holistic approach for seniors to identify and address sadness, loss, and depression

“Lunch and Learn with guest speaker, Dave Ferguson, MD, CSA and sponsored by Carolina Assisted Living, Carrington Assisted Living, and Marla Vista Assisted Living and Memory Care, Thursday, October 8.  The discussion was on, The Importance of Taking a Holistic and Proactive Approach to Help Older Adults Struggling with Sadness, Loss, and Depression.”