Our own, Marggie Hatala will be one of the featured authors at Write On, Door County on Saturday, October 2

Write On, Door County will host its first Door County Writers and Book Fair, Saturday, October 2, 10 am –3 pm. The event is free and open to the public. Our own Marggie Hatala will be one of the featured non-fiction authors. More Than Two Dozen Writerswith Ties to Door County will be showcased. Complete information can be found on www.writeondoorcounty.org. Write On, Door County conducts programs to inspire people to write and share their …

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Fall prevention – what you can do to prevent it. Our guest this month is Green Bay chiropractor, Ty Rebedew of Precision Chiropractic

Fall Prevention Banner

This month, we welcome guest, Dr. Ty Rebedew of Precision Chiropractic in Green Bay. We look forward to learning more about balance and improving our own stability, as well as those for whom we care, so as to guard against falls. Join us for Midday with Marggie and Dave on Tuesday, September 21 at 11 am. Please register on Eventbrite. Here is the link for your convenience. https://www.eventbrite.com/o/dave-ferguson-md-nsca-cpt-25721346843 Dr. Ty Rebedew is a lifelong Wisconsin …

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Assemble your team! Dave Ferguson, MD presents at the Wisconsin Parkinson Association Symposium

We continue to support the resources available to our clients and the community at large. This past Friday, July 30, Dave Ferguson, MD presented at the Wisconsin Parkinson Association Symposium on the importance of assembling a team to cover the wide range of needs, putting together a plan for both the short and long term, as well as lining up services. He highlighted the many resources in our area, including the Aging and Disability Resource Center throughout …

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Getting Ready for Surgery – now what?

Surgery Webinar Banner

So, you’re going to have surgery, now what? In our most recent webinar, we talked about anticipating having an elective surgery. Here is what typically happens. We schedule the surgery, mark it on our calendar and then worry and fret about it! Not this time. There were great takeaways from this webinar. First, that patients can play a very active role during the 4-6 weeks before surgery verses having something being done to you. We …

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So you’re going to have surgery, now what?

Are you anticipating an elective surgery between now and the end of the calendar year? Many of us are. Here is what typically happens. We schedule the surgery, mark it on our calendar and then worry and fret about it! Not this time. Let’s talk about it. On Tuesday, July 20 at 11 am, will cover three key areas to focus on in preparation for surgery day. We have clients who breeze through their elective …

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Getting our hands dirty has multiple benefits! It’s gardening season.

Dear Wise Living, I want to include my dad in our gardening efforts this season. Gardening is my passion and I want to share it with him.  Since the passing of my mom, the love of his life, he could really benefit from a positive distraction, not to mention some fresh air.   Can you share your thoughts on this idea? Green Thumb Dear Green Thumb, I am very sorry about the loss of your mom.  …

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Writing as a healing tool….a special time to savor one’s innermost thoughts

Writing as a healing tool banner

Today’s Midday with Marggie and Dave warmed the hearts of many participants as they were encouraged to take on this beautiful outlet for healing and personal growth as a daily practice.  Here is a brief guide to James Pennebaker, Ph.D’s  4-Day, 15-20 minute writing exercise.    Day 1 Goal – Write about your deepest thoughts and feelings regarding a particular issue.  Day 2 Goal – Try to link the problem to other parts of your life.   Day 3 Goal – Different perspective?  Day 4 Goal …

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Understanding the work of a life doula during one’s final days

Death Doula Banner

Death Doulas: Supporting Families During A Loved One’s Final Days When we hear the term “doula,” we probably most often think of a birth doula –someone who helps bring new life into the world. However, increasingly, doulas are also helping people through their final days. Our guest, Marggie Hatala, is one of approximately 400 certified end-of-life doulas in the United States. Marggie has been an end-of-life doula for six years, providing families with in-home end-of-life …

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Life Doula: The Sacred Support Offered to the Dying and Their Loved Ones

In this podcast with Remembering a Life.com,  Marggie Hatala shares the beauty of her work with the dying and their loved ones. Marggie openly talks about her own journey that led her to this work, and the many ways she offers her deepest self to affirm, acknowledge, and support those she works with. Creating sacred presence, her clients feel safe and encouraged to broach difficult subjects in their life review, finding closure and meaning in …

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Midday with Marggie and Dave teamed up with the Brain Center of Green Bay this month

To say that yesterday’s Midday with Marggie and Dave webinar, Food for Thought was a success may be a humble remark. There were a total of 41 attendees with a chat room full of comments and questions. We hosted two guests from the Brain Center of Green Bay, Dan Koster, MD and Chris Vanden Hoogan. Attendees were treated to some background on the Brain Center in addition to insightful takeaways from experts on brain health. …

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Midday with Marggie and Dave – April’s Food for Thought

Banner Image for Food for Thought

We are so excited about this month’s Midday with Marggie and Dave on Tuesday, April 20 at 11 am. We welcome our guest from the Brain Center of Green Bay, Daniel Koster, MD. We will explore nutrition and brain health and will also talk about all the resources offered by the Brain Center of Green Bay. Visit us on Eventbrite. The event is free but we ask that you please register. https://lnkd.in/gXF-iR7

Beware of Scammers

Scamming can dramatically impact individuals on many levels. The damage is pervasive and is felt financially and emotionally and has a lasting effect. None of us are shielded from these tactics. Wise Living welcomes Tony Naniot, financial advisor with Edward Jones to shares some practical advice. https://gopresstimes.com/2021/03/27/wise-living-be-prepared-for-scammers/

Taking that deeper dive into stress reduction!

Deeper Dive - Mindfulness Stress Reduction Banner

Today’s Midday with Marggie and Dave on the topic of Stress Reduction, once again left participants with a refreshed sense of self and regeneration through positive emotion. Practicing HeartMath, www.heartmath.com, on a regular basis was emphasized and that to utilize this “practice” when things might be stressful as well as when there is an inner peace and to equally capture those moments.

Above and Beyond Health Care Benefits to Enhance a Caring Culture

As an employer that understands the importance of a healthy workforce, it is important to be aware of additional resources and benefits that are available for your team while not overlooking those benefits that have been available for some time, such asEAP / mental health benefits and programs to assist with caring for family members. In this webinar, trends in these employee benefit offerings including change in employee needs, cost vs. value, and community supports …

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Wise Living is now available digitally. Check us out!

Wise Living Web Header

Thank you to the folks at the Press Times. Beginning this month our column, Wise Living can be accessed digitally as well as in print on the fourth Friday of each month. We cover topics ranging from staying mentally sharp through continuing education to Parkinson’s Disease and staying hydrated year-round, not just the summer months! Visit the Press Times at https://lnkd.in/gKjs_xp.

Legacy Circle Garners Writers and Memories

The picture is of my Uncle Darrell and his first class in 1932.

Our Legacy Circle was filled with sincere folks from not only our home state of Wisconsin, but we welcomed attendees from Vermont as Ohio as well. Meaningful and beautifully written stories were shared. Allare welcome and no writing experience needed, only an open heart ready to soak it all in. Legacy Circle dates for the rest of 2021. They are: Wednesday, May 19 Wednesday, August 18 Wednesday, November 17 As always, you may register on …

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Midday with Marggie and Dave Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Stress Reduction Banner Graphic

Thank you to all of the participants of our last Midday with Marggie and Dave. Attendees enjoyed practicing HeartMath breathing techniques that shift the focus, the body and the mind from one of stress to one of peace. The feedback was incredible and we look forward to our next webinar on Tuesday, March 16 at 11 am where we will take a deeper dive into this fascinating topic. Visit us on Eventbrite.

Legacy Circle – Sharing Stories that Matter

The picture is of my Uncle Darrell and his first class in 1932.

Sharing family stories is an important part of passing on our family’s oral history. These stories live on around dining tables at family gatherings, memorialized when family members pass, and as written memories that create our intangible family assets. Join us quarterly to continue to cherish and maintain our unique family history as we record our stories, and more importantly, to share them with others. Please consider sharing your family’s memories at this first installment …

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COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

This month’s Wise Living column highlighted some Frequently Asked Questions as they relate to the COVID-19 vaccine. This is by no means conclusive nor is it a substitute for a conversation with your health care provider. Please think of it as a springboard to launch a healthy discussion with your doctor. We believe that good days are ahead! Your Ikor Team Dear Wise Living readers, This month we are going to note some frequently asked …

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Midday with Marggie & Dave – Exercise as Medicine

Our first Midday with Marggie and Dave, Exercise as Medicine, offered participants practical suggestions on building effective habits around exercise. They posed this question…what do YOU think of when you hear the word, MEDICINE? This webinar was excellent and raised awareness when substituting healthy alternatives to taking a pill while maintaining that exercise is simply something that you just can’t live without! Join us for our next webinar on Tuesday, February 16 at 11 am. …

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Life Doula: Supporting Aging as Community Partners

Thursday, January 28, 202112-1PM Join Marggie Hatala, Nurse Advocate and Life Doula with Ikor Life Care Management, as she helps us understand more about her role as a doula and how each participant can join together as a community team to support the aging. Dr. Dave Ferguson, MD, will offer his experience in offering complete life care management along with Marggie’s holistic doula support. Those in business, finance, estate planning, assisted living facilities, funeral planning, …

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Let’s Talk About Issues During Our Final Chapter

Free Monthly Online Community DiscussionFirst Wednesday 10AM – 11AM CSTFebruary 3, 2021 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/issues-during-our-final-chapter-a-free-monthly-discussion-tickets-135055696223 Join others to share our concerns, get our questions answered, and to feel the support of our community as we come together each month. This is a free online discussion open to all. Sponsored by Marggie Hatala, BSN, RN, Life Doula to share her expertise on these subjects and to lead a discussion between community members. This is intended to be an …

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A Shared Vision For A Positive End Of Life Experience

Graphic for Life Doula

Here is a recent blog post by Marggie Hatala, BSN, RN, CEOLD which appeared on the National Funeral Director Association’s website I opened my emails as I began my day. I noticed an unfamiliar email address, and quickly scanned it to find a community member reaching out, looking for guidance about how to navigate the difficult waters of her mother’s terminal disease. Not asking for medical advice; rather seeking emotional support, how to talk to …

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Caregiver’s Concern About Parkinson’s Disease

My uncle suffers from Parkinson’s disease. I am one of his primary caregivers. Between his struggle with the disease along with the challenge that I have I caring for him, in addition to managing other life responsibilities, the stress on all fronts has reached a boiling point. We need some direction. Please help.


IKOR teamed up with our friends at the Altrusa House Green Bay to GIVE A WARM HUG to 400 healthcare workers this month. Thanks to the Notre Dame Academy ASTRA Club for assembling the treat bags. We greeted the workers on their way into work before their shifts and on their way home beginning at 5 am long before sunrise! We heard a lot of, “You made my day” remarks from the workers. Thanks to Channel 5 WFRV for the great coverage nice and early!

Creating a Caregiver Legacy

Caregivers share their compassion and deep caring each moment as they serve their clients. How often do they pause to consider this? How often do they appreciate the enormous gift of these moments, both the giving to their clients as well as the receiving from them? Ikor Life Care Management hosted a virtual event sponsored by the ADRC of Door County Caregiver Coalition on November 17, 2020.   It’s an annual event that most years includes …

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Worried About Winter

Dr. David Ferguson | Managing Director IKOR Midwest

The following column appeared in Green Bay’s local newspaper, The Press Times on Friday, November 27, 2020.  Ikor’s own column, Wise Living has  growing following. Dear Wise Living, I am concerned about my mom as we enter both the winter months along with the holiday season.  She is susceptible to bouts of depression and anxiety during normal times and I fear that this year’s pandemic will make matters worse. Worried about winter Dear Worried, Your …

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Are You a Baby Boomer Caregiver?

Holding Hands

While we are nearing the end of November, the job of baby boomer family caregiving really never ends. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted an interesting study of 109,268 baby boomers who are family caregivers. One of the key conclusions revealed that more than half of baby boomer caregivers provided care for longer than 2 years, and more than one-quarter provided care for 20 hours or more per week. Previous studies have …

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Life Doula Support Reduces Intensity and Anxiety for Families

Marggie Hatala IKOR Life Doula

As a Life Doula, I often walk with people throughout their aging and into their decline from many chronic diseases. I also am called to work with someone in crisis or much closer to their death. Whenever someone feels ready for support, affirmation, and a deeply compassionate and loving companion is the right time for my involvement.

Building strength can ward off falls, improve stability

Dear Wise Living, I recently took a stumble and fell. It was embarrassing, but fortunately, I didn’t get hurt. I’m still a little uncomfortable getting out and should be doing something at home to get stronger. What are some things I can do to bring back the strength that I’ve lost? Fallen Dear Fallen, As the cooler temperatures settle in and the leaves start to change colors in northeast Wisconsin, fall has arrived. You most …

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Going the extra mile for seniors…even to the vet

Welcome to our Ikor blog.   We want to provide you with a snapshot of our life’s work.   We support seniors, those challenged with chronic illness as well as their family members to include everything from transportation to medical appointments, assistance with managing medications, managing medical bills and even transporting the family dog to their veterinary appointments! We meet families when they are at crossroads, and have to make big decisions about care, about a place …

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A practical and holistic approach for seniors to identify and address sadness, loss, and depression

“Lunch and Learn with guest speaker, Dave Ferguson, MD, CSA and sponsored by Carolina Assisted Living, Carrington Assisted Living, and Marla Vista Assisted Living and Memory Care, Thursday, October 8.  The discussion was on, The Importance of Taking a Holistic and Proactive Approach to Help Older Adults Struggling with Sadness, Loss, and Depression.”