Assemble your team! Dave Ferguson, MD presents at the Wisconsin Parkinson Association Symposium

We continue to support the resources available to our clients and the community at large. This past Friday, July 30, Dave Ferguson, MD presented at the Wisconsin Parkinson Association Symposium on the importance of assembling a team to cover the wide range of needs, putting together a plan for both the short and long term, as well as lining up services. He highlighted the many resources in our area, including the Aging and Disability Resource Center throughout the state of Wisconsin. The Symposium was held at the Brookfield Conference Center in Brookfield, Wisconsin. 

“Here is one of my favorite photos of my mom on a winter outing. She continues to inspire me every day to live life to its fullness and stay open to creativity and curiosity. Mom took up photography as a hobby later in life.”

Dave Ferguson, MD & Managing Director of IKOR Life Care Management