Our own, Marggie Hatala will be one of the featured authors at Write On, Door County on Saturday, October 2

Write On, Door County will host its first Door County Writers and Book Fair, Saturday, October 2, 10 am –3 pm. The event is free and open to the public. Our own Marggie Hatala will be one of the featured non-fiction authors. More Than Two Dozen Writerswith Ties to Door County will be showcased. Complete information can be found on www.writeondoorcounty.org. Write On, Door County conducts programs to inspire people to write and share their …

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Assemble your team! Dave Ferguson, MD presents at the Wisconsin Parkinson Association Symposium

We continue to support the resources available to our clients and the community at large. This past Friday, July 30, Dave Ferguson, MD presented at the Wisconsin Parkinson Association Symposium on the importance of assembling a team to cover the wide range of needs, putting together a plan for both the short and long term, as well as lining up services. He highlighted the many resources in our area, including the Aging and Disability Resource Center throughout …

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Life Doula: The Sacred Support Offered to the Dying and Their Loved Ones

In this podcast with Remembering a Life.com,  Marggie Hatala shares the beauty of her work with the dying and their loved ones. Marggie openly talks about her own journey that led her to this work, and the many ways she offers her deepest self to affirm, acknowledge, and support those she works with. Creating sacred presence, her clients feel safe and encouraged to broach difficult subjects in their life review, finding closure and meaning in …

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Above and Beyond Health Care Benefits to Enhance a Caring Culture

As an employer that understands the importance of a healthy workforce, it is important to be aware of additional resources and benefits that are available for your team while not overlooking those benefits that have been available for some time, such asEAP / mental health benefits and programs to assist with caring for family members. In this webinar, trends in these employee benefit offerings including change in employee needs, cost vs. value, and community supports …

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Legacy Circle – Sharing Stories that Matter

The picture is of my Uncle Darrell and his first class in 1932.

Sharing family stories is an important part of passing on our family’s oral history. These stories live on around dining tables at family gatherings, memorialized when family members pass, and as written memories that create our intangible family assets. Join us quarterly to continue to cherish and maintain our unique family history as we record our stories, and more importantly, to share them with others. Please consider sharing your family’s memories at this first installment …

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Life Doula: Supporting Aging as Community Partners

Thursday, January 28, 202112-1PM Join Marggie Hatala, Nurse Advocate and Life Doula with Ikor Life Care Management, as she helps us understand more about her role as a doula and how each participant can join together as a community team to support the aging. Dr. Dave Ferguson, MD, will offer his experience in offering complete life care management along with Marggie’s holistic doula support. Those in business, finance, estate planning, assisted living facilities, funeral planning, …

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Creating a Caregiver Legacy

Caregivers share their compassion and deep caring each moment as they serve their clients. How often do they pause to consider this? How often do they appreciate the enormous gift of these moments, both the giving to their clients as well as the receiving from them? Ikor Life Care Management hosted a virtual event sponsored by the ADRC of Door County Caregiver Coalition on November 17, 2020.   It’s an annual event that most years includes …

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A practical and holistic approach for seniors to identify and address sadness, loss, and depression

“Lunch and Learn with guest speaker, Dave Ferguson, MD, CSA and sponsored by Carolina Assisted Living, Carrington Assisted Living, and Marla Vista Assisted Living and Memory Care, Thursday, October 8.  The discussion was on, The Importance of Taking a Holistic and Proactive Approach to Help Older Adults Struggling with Sadness, Loss, and Depression.”