Going the extra mile for seniors…even to the vet

Welcome to our Ikor blog.   We want to provide you with a snapshot of our life’s work.   We support seniors, those challenged with chronic illness as well as their family members to include everything from transportation to medical appointments, assistance with managing medications, managing medical bills and even transporting the family dog to their veterinary appointments!

We meet families when they are at crossroads, and have to make big decisions about care, about a place to live, about finances, and about leaving a memorable legacy. 

 We are honored to walk with them through some of life’s most difficult transitions and decisions.  We are honored to be included in our clients’ stories. We would like to hear your family’s story.   And if somewhere in the telling of your story, you find that you need to lean on us, we are here for you.


Dave Ferguson, MD, CSA   and    Marggie Hatala, BSN, RN, Life Doula