Midday with Marggie and Dave teamed up with the Brain Center of Green Bay this month

To say that yesterday’s Midday with Marggie and Dave webinar, Food for Thought was a success may be a humble remark. There were a total of 41 attendees with a chat room full of comments and questions.

We hosted two guests from the Brain Center of Green Bay, Dan Koster, MD and Chris Vanden Hoogan. Attendees were treated to some background on the Brain Center in addition to insightful takeaways from experts on brain health. The science behind brain health, when you dig into the weeds, has actually not dramatically changed over the years and yet our collective interest in it as a society has exploded.

Perhaps Dr. Koster said it best, “IT’S AN EXTREMELY EXCITING TIME TO HAVE A BRAIN!”

If you would like more information on the topic of brain health, send your questions to david.ferguson@ikormidwest.com