Home Safety Assessment & Coordinating Living Arrangements

Aging in place is popular with many seniors, but not everyone wants to grow old in the family home. Some will prefer the lifestyle offered by a retirement community, while others want to downsize to a smaller home. Perhaps a loved one needs the help provided by an assisted living community. No matter what the needs are, IKOR of the Midwest can help identify living arrangements which fit the preferences and needs of the individual.

One of our most important responsibilities we have to our clients is ensuring their living arrangements meet their needs and are safe. During an environmental assessment, we determine the client’s optimal living situation by evaluating their mobility, physical strength, cognitive ability, and other factors to ensure the highest degree of safety and best-possible quality of life is being achieved by their living environment. If a client’s living needs are best met by living in a community setting, we will consider the client’s financial situation, personality, and likes when making a recommendation. Our work with the client doesn’t end once we have helped them find community living arrangements. A Registered Nurse Advocate, or the Managing Director, will routinely check in with the client to support their adjustment to their new home. Additionally, we will perform unannounced quality assurance checks to assure the staff is consistently and appropriately honoring the client’s wishes while addressing their physical, well-being, and medical issues.